About First Choice Security, Inc.

With an overall combined experience of 30 years in the home security industry, we’ve realized that security and home automation is getting more and more evolved. Our question is how do we conquer this technology and not let it be an intimidation factor for customers? Our answer to this is to make it simple for the end user.
With Interlogix XTI wireless products, we offer the latest, most advanced security products to ever hit the US market. Most importantly, we love keeping it simple for our customers to use our products and continuously use the built-in automation features to manage and ease their daily lifestyles. We offer service plans that suit anyone’s needs. From the simple primary service plan that does not require a phone line or internet connection to connection to a 24/7 5-Diamond Monitoring Station that will connect your alarm directly to police, fire and medical support, we offer it all!
We offer red carpet concierge service and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer satisfaction. We are very passionate and love educating people about the importance of security and the simple features of home automation that will support your lifestyle. We welcome you to First Choice Security where together we can make the world simple, smart, and safe one person at a time.


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